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Women's Shoes

Casual Women's Shoes

Sneakers, one of the most frequently used shoe models in daily life, stand out as they become more popular every year. Sneaker shoes, which are indispensable parts of street style, are appreciated not only for their comfortable structure, but also for their strong design lines that will attract attention at first glance. Among the shoes produced in line with different user needs and demands, it is possible to find a model suitable for all tastes at wholesale prices.

Sneaker shoes combined with jeap trousers appeal to users who want to achieve casual elegance in daily life. Many users, on the other hand, apply sneaker models when combining clothes such as evening dresses or suits. Sneaker shoes, which do not reduce your comfort even if you stay on your feet for long hours, offer beautiful models that adorn the windows of almost every brand. Sneaker shoes offer very assertive designs as well as simple alternatives that can be combined with many different clothes. Standing out with their thick soles and intriguing colors, the sneaker models fascinate those who see them with their design lines that claim to be the star part of the combinations.

Comfortable Women's Sneakers

Helping you to keep up with the intense pace of life, sneakers stand out with their lightweight and comfort structure. Lightweight sneakers, which you can move as if you are not on your feet, aim to prevent your feet from getting tired, thanks to their successful support of the soles of the feet. Designed to be used during training or in daily life, sports shoes offer alternatives that appeal to people with different tastes with their beautiful models. The shoes used while doing sports should wrap the foot and ankle well. A shoe that is loose on your feet or not suitable for sports also invites possible accidents and injuries. In order to prevent these problems, it is very important to choose a shoe that is suitable for your foot structure and the sport you will be doing.

There are various models that you can use while in the gym, as well as walking and running shoes. Running shoes are known as lightweight shoes that hold the ground successfully. The lightness of these shoes aims to keep running performance at the highest level. The fact that the bottom part can hold onto the floor properly supports you in maintaining your balance.

Women's Heels

Rafinda offers you shoes produced with different heel lengths and alternatives where women can feel very stylish and comfortable at wholesale prices. Among the high-heeled shoe models, which have beautiful design details, there are many alternatives from models that can be used in daily life to evening shoes. Before shopping for heels, you need to decide on the heel size that you can use comfortably. Because among the shoe options, there are models with 5 and 7 cm heels, as well as alternative models with higher heels such as 15 cm. After deciding on the heel height, details such as the style of the shoe, the material of manufacture and accessories, if any, become important. Among the high-heeled shoe models, there are countless options from ankle-tie models to stilettos, from wedge-heeled shoes to platform-heel products. Stilettos are among the most preferred high-heeled shoes in business life. Stiletto models, which fascinate those who see them with their modest designs and eye-catching thin heels, are produced in beautiful colors. When it comes to stilettos, he often prefers suede and leather, as well as patent leather models. Wedge heels are known for their comfort. The wedge-heeled models, which are prepared to support the entire sole of the feet, are often combined with summer dresses and flared trousers. Platform heels, on the other hand, offer ambitious models for those who love high heels. The platform, which is used at the ends to balance the high heels of the shoes, serves to achieve a much higher heel height than models such as stilettos. Platform heels can be preferred with both casual and evening dresses according to the design details.

Women's Flats Models

One of the indispensable parts of daily life and street style stands out as ballet flats. Thanks to their thin soles, minimal design lines and comfort, Rafinda offers you a wide range of options to be used to complete different clothing combinations, which are one of the products that women love to use, at wholesale prices. People who have to stand for long hours in daily life and business life, while choosing stylish shoes, also consider their comfort. Women who want to evaluate more comfortable models than high-heeled shoes, on the other hand, turn to flats. Ballet flats, which can be easily used in almost all kinds of clothing combinations, arouse admiration with their elegant structures.

Men's shoes

The comfort of the shoes is a very effective factor in a good day. With a shoe that is tight and disturbs the foot, the efficiency of that day will be low. Therefore, priority in every shoe worn on the feet; It should be comfort. An uncomfortable and poor quality shoe also brings with it diseases that can occur in the foot. While shopping, in addition to examining men's shoe models and prices, you should definitely check whether your feet are comfortable or not. In addition to comfort, shoes are a detail that complements the physical image, so it is necessary to pay attention to their beauty and whether they represent the person. You can review our shoes and bags page for all product options offered at wholesale prices.

Summer and Winter Men's Shoes

It is possible to wear some shoes in all seasons, in all weather conditions. However, with some models, it is worn only in summer or only in winter. Sports shoes can be given as an example of shoes that can be worn in all seasons. The models, which are waterproof and produced in a very high quality, make it possible to move comfortably in the summer months and also provide a very efficient movement area in the difficult weather of the winter months. As an example of shoes worn only in summer; daily rock models can be given. Since some of the rok options are produced in the form of leather, they can also be preferred in winter, but in general, they can be said to be an indispensable shoe option for men in the summer months. Rok is one of the most popular models of shoes and is made of linen. It is not recommended to be worn in winter as it can be waterproof. This product, which provides comfort as if you are not standing, with its light structure, allows you to move more comfortably against the heat of summer months. Another of the rock shoes models that men like very much; It is a waterproof type that can be worn in all seasons. With a weight of 120 grams, this shoe has a sole height of 0.5 cm and a heel height of 1 cm. This product is also in the leather category of men's shoes. The models, which are generally preferred only in winter months, are men's shoes produced with water and cold-proof raw materials. They are not produced as thin and breathable as the models used in the summer months. On the contrary, production is made with raw materials that do not pass cold, do not let the cold air in and do not let the hot air inside. Generally, comfortable patterns that are waterproof like leather are preferred. It is also important that the shoes to be worn in winter are comfortable as well as not being cold. One of the models aiming to be affected by the harsh conditions of winter at a minimum level; It is a zippered men's boot option produced with faux fur. Since the sole is made of rubber, it is non-slip and has orthopedic properties. Since the inner lining is fur, it is cold-proof and allows your feet to stay warmer. At the same time, since it is an extra soft and orthopedic base model, you will ensure your feet are comfortable all day long.

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