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Rafinda - Low Quantity Wholesale

The online shopping site Rafinda.com, which exports the products of the best companies producing in Turkey and having quality products abroad in low quantity wholesale, is a subsidiary of Aldar Group, the developer of the export platform Eximfix.com, which has been operating since 2018. Rafinda focuses on selling only quality products made in Turkey at wholesale prices.

Sharing the best products with the fastest delivery and the aim of customer satisfaction, Rafinda offers its visitors the opportunity to buy low-volume wholesale for the categories it focuses on, with affordable prices and surprise discounts.

Rafinda offers the opportunity to purchase the best quality products made in Turkey at wholesale prices in the categories it has determined.

Baby toys are very important for motor and mental development in babies. Parents engage in various activities to develop their babies' motor skills and minds. With these activities, they use objects to involve babies more easily, to attract their attention and to focus their attention. Rafinda brings you all products in the toy category at wholesale prices.

Baby and Mother

Baby clothes are offered at wholesale prices with hundreds of pattern and model alternatives for both girls and boys. From the first day of birth, every product that will come into contact with your baby's sensitive skin should be carefully selected. All kinds of baby clothing products can be used in this period, from bibs to handkerchiefs, from hats to gloves, from overalls to trousers.


Personal care products cover a wide range of products. In this category, you can find many products for your care and hygiene at wholesale prices. There are products in this category from soap and shower gel you use in the shower to aftershave lotion and cosmetics.

Home Textiles

Home textile materials, which both constitute an important part of the decoration of your home and have many practical uses, take place in a wide range. Home textiles, which cover many products from bed linen to blankets, from pillows to napkins, have an effect that creates the characteristic features of every home. Home textiles are among the products that make a house livable. Bedrooms are one of the first product groups that come to mind when it comes to home textiles. Bedding sets, quilts, blankets and bedspreads that will enable you to equip your bed in the best possible way are also offered to your liking with wholesale and price options.


Clothing actually gives a lot of clues about a person's character and personality, so both men and women take great care to take care of their clothes and be well-groomed. You are at the right place to choose parts that fit your budget with both high quality and wholesale price advantage.

Men's clothing

The necessary types of clothes, from underwear products to outerwear products, take their place among men's clothing products. In the men's clothing category, where you can find all kinds of clothing you may need, you can buy products of different styles and styles with the advantage of wholesale prices. In the section, where thousands of products are included, from classic clothing to sportswear, there are also winter and summer clothing types for different seasons. In addition to clothing products, you can also purchase men's shoes and accessories from the category.

Women's Clothing

One of the ways a woman expresses herself is the clothes and combinations she chooses. The clothes that you create your wardrobe for, go to work or on special occasions, reflect your personality as well as your fashion taste. From underwear to coats; From shoes to accessories, you can buy each clothing item at a wholesale price. One of the most common clothes in every woman's wardrobe; dresses. While going to work, dinner parties, day trips, spending time with your family, in short, you can prepare stylish combinations in minutes with dress models in which you can reflect your feminine side while being stylish in every environment.

Kids Clothing

Children's clothing products and clothes consist of many product groups. The clothes, consisting of girls, boys and unisex models, have summer, winter and seasonal options. The products offered to you in plain and multi-colored models make you smile with their functionality and durability. The collections, which include both sporty and stylish products, promise elegance and comfort to both children and parents with the advantage of wholesale prices.


Rafinda offers you the indispensable parts in the preparation, cooking and presentation stages of kitchen utensils used in both homes and professional kitchens at wholesale prices. Kitchen utensils, where you can find everything you need for your tables, offer both functional and comfortable use. You can prepare excellent meals by using every piece you need for your table.

Bag Shoes

Sneakers, one of the most frequently used shoe models in daily life, stand out as they become more popular every year. Sneaker shoes, which are indispensable parts of street style, are appreciated not only for their comfortable structure, but also for their strong design lines that will attract attention at first glance. Among the shoes produced in line with different user needs and demands, it is possible to find a model suitable for all tastes at wholesale prices.


Rafinda offers underwear products, which are as important as clothes on the way to style and elegance, to women with comfort and elegance at a wholesale price. Underwear models such as panties, bras, petticoats and corsets integrate perfectly with the skin, making it possible to feel comfortable all day long. Today, men pay as much attention to their underwear as they do to their outerwear. Men's underwear models are carefully designed and produced from healthy fabrics, considering both the comfort and elegance of modern and well-groomed men. Underwear products that men of all styles and ages can use together with different clothes are offered at wholesale prices to men who want to feel comfortable and stylish.

Baby Stroller

Before choosing a stroller or stroller for your baby, you have an important decision to make. Among hundreds of models, cars or strollers that will make your baby most comfortable are offered in a wide range at wholesale prices.

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