U Type Rubber Edge Protector 2 Meters

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U Type Rubber Edge Protector 2 Meters

While the little naughty little ones are hitting the edges and corners of your house and breaking new records, the way your toddler hits his head for the first time is when he cries when it touches the bottom of the table or coffee table, armchair and many other objects.

For this reason, our U edge protector provides multiple protection by covering 3 areas in the form of the lower part, the forehead and the upper part where you want to cover the edges and corners.


Length: 2 Meters

Width: 3.50 cm (Outer)

Thickness: 8mm

About Application:

  • The product package comes with double-sided tapes. Tapes are attached to the inner two surfaces of the product close to the edges.
  • The place where the product is to be applied must be clean. First clean and dry the dusty, sticky, etc. surfaces with a slightly damp cloth.
  • According to the size of the place where you will apply the product, you can shorten it with scissors. Thus, you can use the surplus in other areas.
  • Remove the protective strip on the tapes attached to the inner surface and start sticking it to the edge.
  • After completely sticking, press hard and go over again.

Never let you or your child play or check if it comes off until the adhesive sticks to the surface to ensure it is firm. A period of 12 hours or more is sufficient for durability.

Note: In angular areas, please use rubber corner protector for a healthy application, so you will have a healthy application in terms of appearance and protection.

This product will definitely not damage your furniture and will not leave any marks. When you want to remove it, you can get rid of the transparent adhesive residue that will remain on the floor with a damp cloth.

As long as the product is not deformed, the bands on the back can be renewed and used for a long time.

Children like to bite, it has been proven by our certificates that it is not a harmful toxic substance.

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