Compression Automatic Closing Child Safety Door

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Baby Safety - Compression Automatic Closing Child Safety Door

It is the easiest and most practical way to prevent your children from leaving the room, falling down the stairs, leaving the playground and entering an unauthorized place. It can expand on its own in the range of 76 cm to 83 cm.

It is white in color.

No tools are required for assembly. It is a compression security door. You can expand the door by using extra extension pieces according to your size.

No drilling, no breaking. It applies and comes off easily anywhere. It has a double lock mechanism to open. This means a two-step measure for your child's safety.

Use it at home, take it on vacation, use it at the hotel, ease of use is available.

The door alone is compatible with the minimum 75 cm and maximum 85 cm interval.

Calculate as in the example when calculating the security door according to your size. Example: If you have a measurement of 95 cm, 95 - 75 = 20 cm, when you remove the 6 cm stretch from here, it will remain 14 cm, so it will be useful to buy a security door with a 14 cm extension piece.

About Application:

  • The product is taken out of its package and placed on the floor to be applied.
  • Additional parts, if any, are attached to the door first. And the clamping screws are inserted into the upper and lower right-left holes in the corners of the door.
  • The compression process starts.
  • The cable tie on the door is not cut until the tightening process is completed.
  • You can tell that the compression is complete when the cable tie is loose or there is a gap of less than 1mm where the tongue meets.
  • Cut the cable tie.
  • Push or pull the door by pressing the lower and upper parts of the unlocking lock of the door, and the door will open.

These Safety Precautions are a parent aid product. Parental supervision of children should be constant.

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