Stair and Balcony Safety Net

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Baby Safety - Stair and Balcony Safety Net / 3 Meters x 80 Cm

It is a product produced to prevent children from hanging from iron, profile, railing, handrail gaps on balconies, stairs, and getting stuck.

This product will be very useful as a precaution to prevent the dangers faced by children hanging from the railings. It is used by connecting the railing, iron, to the lower and upper parts of the railing. It does not require any other assembly.

It is resistant to external weather conditions.

It is 3 meters long and 80 cm wide in its package.

Color is "White". It is in the form of a perforated file. It is tightly woven, children's fingers do not enter.

About Application:

  • In the product package, 3 mt. Comes with length of tethers and cable ties. There is an installation guide on the product package.
  • You need to continue along the handrail or railing by connecting the upper handle of the place where the product is intended to be applied, and the lower parts equally and tautly with binding ropes and cable ties.
  • Make sure that the net that you tie tightly is taut. If the net hangs too much, wrap it a little in the form of a roll, gather it at the bottom and tie it like that.

You can use it for a long time as long as the net is not deformed (Knife cut, burning objects, etc.). It is washable fabric.

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