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Dried Peach

Dried peach can be used in many areas. Fruits contain a lot of water when fresh. Since the water in the fruits decreases when they are dried, the formation of bacteria is also prevented. In this way, fruits can be stored for a longer period of time. Thanks to this method, we continue to benefit from fruits and vegetables out of season. Dried peaches contain magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and vitamins A, B and C more intensely than fresh peaches. Although the densities of these vitamins and minerals are different in dried and fresh peaches, their benefits are the same. But the fiber content is higher than fresh.

Dried peach has various uses. It can be brewed and drunk as tea. It can be consumed as a snack during tea time. It can be used to control sudden sweet cravings. It can be an ideal snack for those on a diet. It can be used easily in pudding, chocolate, dessert and cakes.

Benefits of Dried Peach

  • When you eat vegetables and fruits without washing them well, or when you do not wash your hands well when you come home from outside, and similar reasons, you can reduce intestinal worms with the help of dried peach and prevent their re-occurrence.
  • It reduces or dissolves kidney stones and sands formed in the body and ensures their disappearance.
  • It is good against diseases and problems in the urinary tract and cleans the urinary tract.
  • It is a natural digestive system regulator for those with digestive system and indigestion problems.
  • It is perfect for cleaning the blood and getting rid of the toxic substances in the blood.
  • Those who cannot lose weight after dieting can lose weight in a healthy and easy way by consuming dried peaches.
  • It is extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  • It is good for skin imperfections and also delays the signs of aging with its cell regenerative effect.
  • By adding strength to the immune system, it protects our body from diseases such as flu and cold, which occur due to colds in winter.
  • It is a good solution to relieve the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.
  • It can be used as a precaution against bad breath, which usually occurs when we wake up in the morning.
  • It is an effective solution to gout.
  • Thanks to its diuretic feature, it allows the body to clean itself easily.
  • It cleans the poison in the blood caused by insect bites or poisonous animal stings.

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